About Jeffrey st

how we came about


We are Jeffrey St whisky and tobacco. Opened in 2014 by 4 like-minded individuals, with a passion for Whisky and all things Tobacco. We Bring with us a breath of fresh air to the industry and a efficiency not yet rivalled.

Opened with the intent to not only sell our fine products but to share our passion and enthusiasm with the masses. This know-how comes from the four corners of the planet. Scotland, Poland, Mexico and Canada. So if its worth knowing we know it.

Always on the look out for new and interesting tales and stories we keep a close connection to the local community for every snip-it of information. With ties to local tobacco clubs and enthusiasts we can ensure we keep with the times and fashions of a complex industry incorporating both the Past and Present. Whilst we cater to the connoisseur and enthusiast we always enjoy bring more people in to the fold.

Our dedication to giving the best service means we are always happy to assist in anyway possible so don’t hesitate to contact us either by Email or give us a ring on 01315569930 or swing by the shop for a warm chat about whisky or tobacco and maybe even a tasting of Whisky.