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Cold and Refreshing (3 beers) £9.50

It’s summer and the call for thirst quenching beers sounds loud. Sample three different bubbly brews with crisp, clean and dry palates. Debunk the myth that ‘lagers are tasteless’.

  • Paolozzi Lager
  • Camden Pils
  • Franz Lager

Porter and Stout, what’s the difference? (3 beers) £11

The old age question, what’s the main difference between the two styles. This tasting session will cover the origins of the style and let you taste three superb specimens.

  • Cauld Reekie
  • Inolvidable Stout
  • Orkney Porter

Beyond Hops (3 beers) £11

The wonderful world of flavours in beer goes beyond, new world and classic hops. Sample exciting brews containing seaweed, grapefruit and heather!

  • Fraoch heather ale
  • Elvis Juice
  • Kelpie Seaweed ale.

IPA series (3 beers) £15

By far IPA is the most popular style of beers among brewers and beer enthusiasts world wide. Sample three superb examples of this style from different parts of Scotland. See how brewers take different approaches to brewing this popular style.

  • Jiang Shi
  • Ace of Chinook
  • Brave New World

IPA Journey (3 Beers) £12      (4 beers) £14.50      (5 beers) £16.50

Take a longer or shorter journey into the wonderful world of hop flavours and aromas that IPAs have to offer. Indulge and marvel your senses with 3, 4 or 5 IPAs. Your choice.

  • The Kernel Pale Ale Chinook Simcoe
  • Evolver IPA
  • Jarl
  • Add: Axe Edge
  • Add: Burning Sky
  • Add: Gamma Ray