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What is Boxing Day actually about?

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Boxing Day

Boxing Day a day that so often is swept under the carpet of Christmas as the day of recovery. That day that allows one to sigh and thank your lucky stars that once again you have survived the shopping and stress that accompanies the happiest time of the year. However as the name suggest its not a day that celebrates the unsung heroes of that gentlemanly sport of Boxing.

It does how ever have a real meaning in Britain and other parts of the world the made up the British Empire. For in days past and even today the fun of Christmas and the celebration is propped up by those that don’t have the chance to celebrate. The Doctors and Nurse on call, the Police Officers who keep us safe and the Fire Brigade. Not so long ago also the Postal Service that ran right through Christmas, Also the servants of the wealthy who would be required to wait on the demands of their masters over the Christmas period.

In the 17th Century it became tradition for the Men and Ladies who lived in luxury or comfort to give what was known as a Christmas Box to the Men and Women of the Services and Servant class. When was this gift to be given on the 26th of December every year (Saint Stephens day.). On this day the house servants where given the day or even by the more Generous two too return to their family. Pone their departure the Master of the house would present a Box that contained money as a gift for services rendered that they might not have been paid for. This later became common practice for everyone to give a little something to their helpers such as the Postman who was paid by a company but not by them as a Thank you.

So did you remember to give a Christmas Box this year, or will you next year?

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