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Enjoying a cigar during Winter

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After an all too brief summer, the wintry weather is here to stay for a few months. Those of us who enjoy a cigar every now and again are now reluctant to spend long periods of time out there in the cold.

Given that smoking indoors is not an option for many of us, we’ve come up with a list of tips to enjoy a decent stick this winter without freezing.


It is obvious that a smaller cigar is more desirable than a heavy ring gauge, long cigar. But what about the flavour? Some of us prefer the rich and warming notes that our cigars have to offer. Well, worry not, many small sticks offer great depth of flavour and character in slender formats. We recommend the wonderful Partagas shorts, Cohiba Secretos and Gurkha Koi 15 year old.

Gearing up for the weather

Warm jackets, boots and hats are the norm this season. But what about gloves? Some of us simply don’t wear them while smoking cigars simply it isn’t practical or we want to keep our gloves from smelling like an ashtray. Well, dedicated cigar gloves might come handy. To keep our fingers uncovered fingerless gloves or mitten flap ones should do the trick.

The right lighter

Cedar spills and matches add to the cigar smoking experience. During winter however, they might not be that useful simply because the wind out there will end up frustrating us. Butane lighters are definitely recommended. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a jet flame lighter, Torjet lighter are wind proof and will only cost you £1.

Garden heater or stove

Got a garden? Garden heaters might be just what you need. The advantage of having a garden heater is that everyone at home can benefit from it all year round. If what you want is practicality, a stove can definitely be a better idea. It can be used during the winter to keep you warm while enjoying a cigar and during the summer to cook a meal outside.

Got any more ideas on how to enjoy a cigar out there this winter? Let us know!

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