A half and half

Pairing two drinks and having them side by side is a popular thing to do in many countries around the world. Some countries will have two beers in one glass, others will mix two wines. Here in Scotland, a dram of whisky is chased down with a glass of beer. This tradition has been kept for centuries. Is not about greed, sometimes you can’t decide between a pint and a dram so, why not go for both?

Here at Jeffrey st. we’ve created a selection of pairings to celebrate this tradition. Malty and small batch brews have been paired with various Scotch whiskies.


Gold and Copper £15

This half and half pairing offers malty, refreshing and lively brews with mild and delicate whiskies.

Exiled Cream Ale and Redact Red Lager are paired with Old Perth No. 5 and Glenrothes Vintage Reserve.


Ruby dark £15

In this pairing we match small-batch brews from nano breweries with rich and full bodied whiskies.

Luckie Ales 80-/ and Strathbraan Head East Bitter paired with Glengoyne 10 year old and Balvenie 12 single barrel.


Eclipse £14

This black and gold combo matches two dark beers with two amber gold whiskies. Enjoy the robust and rich palate of the beers with the malty, seductive and complex notes of the whiskies.

Inolvidable Stout and Red Eye Flight paired with Clynelish 18 year old and Benromach 10.


Worthy’s £16

Among distillery workers, stories are circulated about ‘Old Worthies’. Men who often drank the wash before it was distilled.

Old Worthy’s: ‘So Hipster it Hurts’ and ‘Who drank my porridge?’ paired with Hedonism and Peat Monster whiskies.


The Belgian £18

Some people claim that beers from Belgium are the pinnacle of brewing. With so much complexity and flavour going on in each brew, is it even possible to match a Belgian beer with Scotch whisky? Find out!

Chimay Blue and Rochefort 8 paired with Clynelish 18 year old and Deanston 16 year old Single Cask.