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Black Tartan

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This is Black Tartan a blended malt Scotch whisky. It is a vatting of four single malts from the Highlands. Each component ingredient was aged in different types of casks producing a whisky with a pleasant nose, a rich palate and a generous finish. Drink it neat or in your favourite cocktail.

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Black Tartan

Black Tartan is a superb blended malt whisky by Skene Whisky. Four single malt whiskies were vatted to create this smooth and uncompromising spirit. Each single malt was aged in different oak casks to offer a whisky with a fresh and spicy nose. A vanilla and butter scotch palate and a nutmeg and spice finish. You can enjoy it neat or in your favourite whisky-based cocktail.

Skene Scotch Whisky

Skene Scotch Whisky are a progressive whisky house and innovative independent bottler based in Edinburgh.

Skene produce beautiful, traditional Scotch whisky for the modern day drinker. The name Skene comes from the area of Aberdeenshire which became infamous throughout Scotland as the route for whisky smugglers in the early 1800s and their clandestine transportation of whisky from the Highlands to the Lowlands. As a result, the name Skene has been
inextricably linked with whisky for two centuries and through our whiskies, we continue that proud tradition today.

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Blended Malt, Scotch


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