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Yellae Linti Bitter Ale

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Award winning, malty, refreshing and brewed in small batches. Have you tried it?

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Yellae Lintie

Yellae Lintie is a full bodied Bitter from Luckie Ales, this particular beer is a golden almost orange yellow with plenty of Citrus. The explosion of fruit such as Apricot, Peach and even Pineapple with a Hint of orange. All the fruity tastes are accompanied by a malty caramel flavour with a prevailing bitterness that doesn’t offend.

Luckie Ales

Luckie Ales is a one-barrel micro-brewery based in Leven, Fife. Luckie Ales opened in 2008 and was recently handed over to Martin Doherty when the previous owner Stuart McLuckie retired. Luckie Ales has a reputation for producing small batches of high quality traditional ales, influenced by not only Scottish brewing heritage, but also drawing inspiration from other countries such Belgium, Germany, England and the USA.

The Luckie Ales range changes frequently but regularly includes Pale Ale, Best Bitter, Extra Pale Ale and Eighty Shilling. Other beers brewed include a Porter, German Ales/Lagers (Helles, Pilsner, Kolsch), a Belgian Ale (Biere de Mars), a Mild Ale and a strong Scotch Ale.

In addition to the ‘regular’ beers, the Luckie Ales Resurrection Series has brought back to life a number of historical beer recipes, some of which had not brewed in over 150 years. Each bottle includes a description of the history of the beer and the brewery, providing a fascinating glimpse of beer tastes in past times.

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