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Aberlour 14 year old

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Aberlour 14 year old

Introducing the Aberlour 14, a freshly unveiled batch release characterized by meticulous craftsmanship intertwining with a profound comprehension and reverence for the organic maturation process. This approach meticulously preserves the inherent essence of the finest ingredients, bestowing delicate whispers of blackcurrant alongside a luxuriously creamy finale.

It represents an exquisite equilibrium between nature's bounty and nurturing expertise; opulent and peppery, yet nuanced and refined.

In acknowledgment of its exceptional caliber, the Aberlour 14 Year Old has garnered accolades even prior to its official debut. It clinched the esteemed Double Gold medal at the prestigious International Wine and Spirits Competition 2020 and a Gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge 2020.

Aberlour Distillery

Aberlour distillery is located in Aberlour, Strathspey. The current owners are Chivas Brothers Ltd (part of Pernod Ricard S.A). It was built in 1879 and it used water from the nearby St. Drostan's Well.

A decade or so after its construction the distillery burned down (quite a common occurrence among distilleries at the time). In 1898 it was rebuilt and it operated without inconveniences until the Second World war. During the war and due to severe restrictions on distillation, locals would take wash from the site and distill it illegally close to the Aberlour burn.

It was acquired by the Pernod Ricard group in 1974  after it was refurbished and production expanded. These days the are many releases available, the most common ones are: Aberlour 12 year old and A'Bunadh.

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