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Ben Nevis 6 Year Old Blind Summit Whisky

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Ben Nevis 6 year old Blind Summit Whisky

A single cask of unpeated Ben Nevis, distilled in 2017, was initially matured for five years in a refill bourbon hogshead before being transferred to a Saint-Émilion Bordeaux cask for its final year. Throughout the last year, it has absorbed the leafy, red berry notes characteristic of this high-quality, Merlot-dominant wine. Ben Nevis, known for its rich and savory profile, has resulted in an exceptionally complex blend of flavours. This cask produced 165 bottles at a natural cask strength of 54.6%. The whisky features a beautiful rusty orange hue with a slight pink tinge.

Ben Nevis Distillery

Like many other distilleries, Ben Nevis distillery has gone through many acquisitions and take over since its inception in 1825. Notable acquisitions were the ones in 1955, 1971 and 1989. In the year 1955 Ben Nevis distillery (Fort William) Ltd bought the buildings and equipment. This company promptly installed Coffey stills and started producing grain whisky as well as single malt whisky. Some legendary blends exists from this era. A 40 year old 'single blend' from this distillery circulates around specialist retailers. The distillery got rid of its Coffey stills in 1971 and the focus shifted back to the production of single malt whisky using locally sourced peat. In 1986 the distillery was acquired by Japanese distilling company Nikka. The official portfolio includes the brilliant 10 year old, the 26 year old, blended malts and blends.