Cardhu 18


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Cardhu 18

Cardhu 18 a classic of the Speyside malts. Rich, Sweet and plenty of Citrus fruit. Everything that is desirable in a bottle of whisky from this region. Presented in the classic Cardhu bottle the whisky makes the perfect gift for any whisky lover, either a Expert or just starting on the journey into whisky.

Cardhu distillery

Cardhu (Cardow when it opened) distillery was founded in 1824, just a year after the enactment of the Excise Act 1823. It was started by a man, John Cumming, who supposedly was engaged in illegal distillation for some time prior to the enactment of the act. The distillery was started as a seasonal distillery that the wife of the founder ran between grain harvests. The pot stills were sold to William Grant in 1885 and he went on to start the world famous Glenfiddich distilleyr. It was expanded in 1887 and was sold to John Walker and Sons Ltd (JWSL) in 1893. A couple of decades later, Distillery Company Limited (DCL) acquired JSWL. Over time, and after many mergers and acquisitions, DCL became present day Diageo. Up until this day the vast majority of the spirit produced at Cardhu ends up in the Johnnie Walker blends. In 2005 Cardhu was included in the Classic Malts collection.
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