Crossbill Gin


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Crossbill Gin

Crossbill Gin is a truly small batch spirit. Each batch is created with a unique mixture of hand-foraged Scottish botanicals. This is a gin with a beautiful fruity nose and a dry and fresh palate. Batch 5-2016 is a true celebration of Highland native botanicals packed in one bottle.


With each batch of botanicals being hand-foraged by the team behind this unique gin. The uniqueness and exclusivity of each batch is guaranteed. In the 18th century, Scottish juniper was sent to Holland were it was used in the crafting of genever (the precursor of present day Dry Gin). This tradition ceased a long time ago and now Crossbill gin uses Scottish juniper as well as other uniquely Scottish botanicals foraged in the highlands.


Gin can trace its History back many hundreds of years to Holland, it is also thought that it could have been distilled in Italy although the evidence is far and few between. Its initial success was in the medical industry as a spirit used to cure all sorts of ailments such as Gout and Gallstones. When the drinkers of the spirit complained about the foul taste; it became common for the spirit to be flavoured with Juniper berries. The drink was to become infamous when British soldiers fighting in the Low Countries during the 30 year war brought it back with them to England. At this point Gin quickly become the drink of the lower classes and the impoverished in Britain, The first distilleries in England made dubious Spirit at best but it was the first Light of the morning of British gin. The drink was rarely regulated and it wasn't until the formation by King Charles I of the Worshipful Company of Distillers that Gin started to become regulated. Later laws were to attempt to force duty and licence on distillers and it almost caused the fall of the industry. However when Britain started to expand and the formation of the Empire began, Gin was to become the drink of the British Empire. Malaria a vicious illness is curable by consuming Quinine an unpalatable product from tree bark it was mixed into a tonic which when mixed with Gin became quite drinkable. With the new Gin and Tonic recipes on the market Gin rose to the forefront and become a most loved drink in Britain.
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