Dalmore 18 year old


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Dalmore 18 year old

Dalmore 18 year old is a superb Highland whisky. It has been aged in a combination of American white oak casks and very old sherry casks from Spain. The whisky has a dark chocolate palate with spice and plenty of complex notes. Its most recent award was a silver medal at the International Spirits Challenge.

Dalmore distillery

Dalmore distillery was founded in 1839 and was almost immediately leased to a family of distillers who managed the distillery until 1867. Dalmore was one of very few distilleries to expand its production capacity in the late 19th century. The number of pot stills was doubled from two to four. After the owner of the distillery passed away in 1886, the distillery was sold to the Mackenzie brothers who used to operate the distillery under the management of the lease holders. Things took a drastic turn during the First World War. In 1916 the distillery was requisitioned by the Royal Navy. The distillery was used as a mine-filling depot by American naval forces until 1919. Around the same time a ban on distillation was in place as a measure to protect grain supplies. It is likely that a mine went off and destroyed most of the distillery as in 1919, when the ban on distilling was lifted and the derelict distillery was handed back to the owners (the Mackenzie brothers), the owners could not re-start the production of whisky and sued for compensation. Their claim ended up in the House of Lords (Mackenzie Bros v The Admiralty [1925] SC [HL] 32). The court ruled that although the brothers were not entitled to compensation for losses during the war, they were however, entitled to compensation for loss of earnings occurred in the three years immediately after the war 'as they could not start whisky production due to the delays caused by having to rebuild the distillery from scratch'. Not much happened at the distillery (other than whisky production) until 1956 when their floor maltings were replaced by a saladin box. The box was in use at the distillery until 1982. A few years before, in 1966, the distillery doubled again its production capacity by adding 2 pairs of stills. From the 1960s and up until 2001, the distillery's parent company went through a series of mergers and acquisitions. The distillery was acquired by United Spirits in 2007 and these days the distillery is owned by Emperador Inc. a company based in the Philippines.
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