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DB stands for Design Berlin. this company started as a one-man operation in 1948. Hubert Hartmann decided to repair pipes for a living and soon he applied for permission to start tobacco manufacturing. He soon hired pipe makers from the German Democratic Republic (GDR). The focus of the new company was on good value pipes available through pharmacies in the GDR. 

In 1954 the company hired designer Lothar Schirwitz who later became the head of production. Using a Danish approach to pipe design and manufacturing the pipes improved vastly in quality and appearance. In 1975 the name DB (Design Berlin) was adopted.

In the early 1980's DB was taken over by a subsidiary of PLANTA and DB's name was changed to Pfeifenstudio db-Design Berlin. These days the brand produces some 30 000 pipes annually and it creates pipes in modern and fresh shapes that have proven to be popular among younger pipe smokers. 

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