Dunhill Standard Mixture 50g (discontinued)


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Dunhill Standard Mixture

Dunhill Standard Mixture is a English mixture of Latakia, Oriental/Turkish and Virginian tobacco. The standard blend from Dunhill it maybe but it does nothing to disappoint any smoker nothing mind-blowing but also not lacking anything.


Dunhill History

The Dunhill shop opened in 1907 and started creating bespoke tobacco blends for the gentry of England. Often credited of turning pipe smoking into pursuit of the Elite and famous Dunhill could be considered the inventor of the modern smoking scene. In his own words Dun hill said "A particular mixture cannot be expected to suit the tastes of all and sundry, any more than one medical prescription can be efficacious in all diseases. I [Alfred Dunhill] therefore make it my business here to prescribe (if I may be allowed to use such a term with reference to tobacco) a special mixture to suit each individual customer. If my first attempt does not quite attain the ideal, I alter the proportions of the mixture until absolute success is achieved." even as the doors opened his popularity forced him to change his business model and he soon was producing tobacco for the less discerning smoker and so the my mixture blends were soon seen on shelves across the country.
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