Holger Danske Original

Holger Danske

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Holger Danske Original Tobacco

Holger Danske Original is a slightly aromatic blend of pure Virginian tobaccos both bright and red leaf combinations that have been caked in a nice mellow flavoring. This has the effect of offering the smoker a enhanced smoke of caramel esque tastes and pure tobacco under tones.

Aromatic Tobacco

Aromatic tobacco is a blend of tobacco for pipes primarily. They tend to be made of Cavendish, Burley and Virginian tobacco. Black Cavendish is matured in a manner that allows the natural sweet tastes of tobacco to become more apparent over time which is a bonus when it is caked. Burley tobacco is air cured so it has little natural sweetness, It does however have the best ability to absorb flavour that it is exposed to so the flavour of the tobacco really comes from the Burley. Virginian tobacco is where almost all the sugar in tobacco can be found and is a good enough reason to add it to almost ever blend of tobacco. So when all of these are taken in to account the Cavendish will make up around 20 percent of the blend as will the Burley and the Virginian picks up the last 60 percent of these blends. This however is not always the case as some blends will remove all the Virginian or use absolutely no Black Cavendish. These tobaccos are best smoked by those who enjoy relaxing and smoking sociably as the tobacco is for the most part unoffensive and even non smokers will comment on how tasty it smells. If smoked to hot the Tongue Bite can be harsh so a slow and relaxed smoke is the best approach when smoking Aromatic tobacco.
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