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Kendal Snuff

Kendal Snuff is a brand of nasal tobacco that offers many flavours and aromas. This product is made from selected tobacco leaves which are grounded and sieved. The resulting powder is then disintegrated further in a mechanical mill and essential oils are added to impart a variety of flavours. The most popular flavours of Kendal snuff are: Dry Orange, Camphor Menthol, Kendal Brown and Whisky.


Snuff is one of the oldest forms of tobacco taken in Europe. Tobacco Ground in to a powder then often combined with essential oils and even in some cases Paraffin Oil or in Britain Moistened with water. The tobacco is inhaled up the nose and offers the rush of nicotine and the pleasant flavours of the essential oils. Snuff tobacco is not a safe alternative to smoking and is still a highly addictive substance.
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