Ledaig 19 year old


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Ledaig 19 year old Marsala Cask 70cl

The Ledaig 19 year old is a fine single malt from the Islay of Mull Distillery. Pre-dried peated Barley is married with naturally peat infused water from the Distillery's own well. The then distilled spirit was matured in superior wood casks before being decanted into quality Marsala Wine Casks for final finish. The whisky offers intriguing balance of black pepper and smokiness with notes of sweet desert wine. dried fruits, toffee and delicate ginger and clove.

Tobermory distillery

Tobermory distillery is located in the Isle of Mull, north of the Isle of Jura. Founded in 1798 under the name 'Ledaig'. The distillery has gone through very long silent periods of production at least twice in its history. By 1972 had been closed for longer than it had been distilling whisky. These days the distillery is owned and operated by Burn Stweart Distillers and the un-peated malt is sold under the Tobermory label while the lightly peated whisky is sold as Ledaig.
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