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Ledaig 2009 (14 year old) Berry Bros & Rudd

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Ledaig 2009 (14 year old)  Berry Bros & Rudd

Berry Bros. & Rudd, renowned for their discerning selection of fine wines and spirits, presents the Ledaig 14-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky—a distinguished expression of the Tobermory Distillery's peated offering.

This exceptional whisky embodies the rugged charm of the Isle of Mull, where the Tobermory Distillery stands proudly amidst its picturesque surroundings. Crafted with precision and aged for 14 years, this expression captures the essence of its island terroir, offering a sensory journey through peat-laden landscapes and maritime influences.

Tobermory Distillery

This distillery is located on the village of Tobermory,  Isle of Mull. It was built in 1798 and opened using the name 'Ledaig'. From its inception the distillery operated with various difficulties and closed down in 1837. After the distillery reopened in 1878 it went through various changes of ownership until 1916 when it was acquired by Distillers Company Limited (DCL). Production lasted until 1930 when the distillery felt silent once again. 

Forty years later the distillery was reopened by a consortium which included the Domecq group, Panamanian interests and a Liverpool based shipping company. Tobermory was refurbished and its production capacity was expanded during the three year period that the consortium lasted. After the disbanding of the consortium an English company acquired the site and used it as holiday accommodation and cheese storage. When that venture failed the distillery remained silent again for 11 years. 

In 1982 Burn Stewart (current owners) acquired the distillery. The whisky came to prominence in the last few years after its packaging and bottling strength were revised. In 2017 the distillery closed again for a two year refurbishment. Ledaig is the name of the peated whisky produced at this distillery.