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Lindores Abbey Friar John Cor Congregation Batch Chapter 2

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Lindores Abbey Friar John Cor Congregation Batch Chapter 2

The Friar John Cor – The Cask Strength Congregation Batch - Chapter 2’ has been matured in a blend of Bourbon Casks, STR Wine Barriques, and Rum-Peated Casks and bottled at the batch cask strength of 60.9% ABV. As with all Lindores bottlings it has no added colouring, is non-chill filtered and bottled onsite at Lindores Abbey Distillery.

Lindores Abbey Distillery

Once nestled in the serene countryside of Fife, Scotland, the Lindores Abbey Distillery holds a captivating tale that weaves together history, tradition, and the spirit of whisky. The story begins centuries ago, in the year 1191, when a Tironensian monk named Hugo de Gifford founded the iconic Lindores Abbey.

Lindores Abbey quickly gained prominence as a place of spiritual enlightenment, and its reputation extended far beyond its tranquil walls. It became a hub of knowledge, where monks delved into the mysteries of alchemy, herbal remedies, and the art of distillation. Little did they know that their experiments would set the stage for a remarkable legacy.

One fateful day, an apprentice named Brother John Cor recognized the incredible potential of the alchemical process. He meticulously recorded his findings and refined the techniques, unlocking the secret to producing a golden elixir known as "aqua vitae." This remarkable spirit, sought after for its exquisite taste and medicinal properties, would later evolve into what we know today as whisky.

For generations, the monks of Lindores Abbey diligently continued their whisky-making craft, perfecting their recipes and techniques. However, in 1536, the tumultuous winds of change swept across the land. The Scottish Reformation dismantled the monastic orders, and the abbey fell into ruin. 

Centuries passed, and the whispers of Lindores Abbey's whisky-making legacy faded into obscurity. That is until the early 21st century when an inspired soul named Drew McKenzie Smith embarked on a journey of rediscovery. Driven by a deep-rooted passion for whisky and a love for history, he resolved to resurrect the ancient traditions of the abbey.

With great determination, McKenzie Smith painstakingly restored the abbey's ruins, breathing new life into its ancient stones. In 2017, Lindores Abbey Distillery was reborn, honoring the spirit of the past while embracing the spirit of the future.

Today, Lindores Abbey Distillery stands proudly as a haven for whisky enthusiasts, inviting them to embark on a sensory journey through time.