Lowland Single Malt

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Lowland Single Malt 70cl

Lowland Single Malt is from a non disclosed distillery in the lowlands of Scotland. We personally feel that it is Ailsa Bay unpeated. If it is its one of the harder styles of whisky to come by. Both fruity and at the same time quite mellow in its flavours this is a gateway drug if ever there was one. A fantastic floral nature accompanied by a heather finish.

Creative whisky

Founded in or "Forged" in the words of the "Forger" David Stirk him self. A story of a young man who wished to be the brand ambassador for Highland Park and ended up selling some of the best Independently bottled whisky on the market. A carer as a whisky journalist was not for David so when he scraped together the funds to buy a barrel of whisky he soon found himself in possession of a very profitable batch of whisky.
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