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Mannochmore 11 Year old Blind Summit Whisky

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Mannochmore 11 year old  Blind Summit Whisky

Mannochmore Single Malt Scotch whisky distilled in 2013 and aged for 11 years in an ex-bourbon barrel,  it was then transferred to an Australian Tawny Fortified Wine Cask for an additional six months. During this period, the whisky developed a light creaminess, hints of beeswax, and subtle notes of pine, complemented by tropical and dried fruit flavors.

The resulting whisky presents a delightful blend of both cask character and distillate, offering a fun, fruity, and well-balanced profile. The bottle features the daytime artwork of Liam Palermo, created specifically for this Outturn II, perfectly capturing the essence of a dram ideally suited for a summer day.

Mannochmore Distillery

Mannochmore distillery was founded in 1971. It was built on the side of the Glenlossie distillery. It produces over 3 million liters of spirit each year and most of it ends up in world famous blends. This distillery was operated by staff from the Glenlossie distillery for just six months per year.

Mannochmore didn't release its whisky as a single malt until 1996. The whisky released was called Loch Dhu. That whisky was not well received among whisky enthusiasts and critics. Generous amounts of caramel colouring were used making the whisky look black.

Production capacity was increased in 2013 and today the distillery produces 4.5 million liters of alcohol per year. Some people argue that Mannochmore whiskies are best enjoyed when they are younger. If you see an independent bottling grab it and see for yourself.