Joy Meerschaum Lined Pipes


Product image 1Rattray's joy Main Photo
Product image 2Rattray's Joy Ligh Bent Open
Product image 3Joy Meerschaum Lined Pipes
Product image 4Joy Meerschaum Lined Pipes
Product image 5Joy Meerschaum Lined Pipes

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Rattray's Joy

The Rattray's Joy line offers a starter kit for those wishing to discover the pleasure of pipe smoking. The line offers pipes in different colours and classic shapes. Experienced smokers will also enjoy this pipe kit with everything a pipe smoker on the go needs. These pipes accommodate a 9mm filter for a cleaner tasting smoke.

The set also includes, ten pipe cleaners, a pipe companion tool, a pipe stand, ten absorba 9mm filters, a handy beginners guide to pipe smoking and a sturdy clamshell (Crow) zip up pipe pouch.

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