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RATTRAYS Smoking Pipes Monarch Black No. 15

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Rattrays Smoking Pipes - Monarch Black No. 15

Combining England's St. George’s Cross with the Scottish St. Andrew’s Cross yields the iconic Union Jack, symbolizing the unification embodied in the 1707 Act of Union, which established the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

In 843, Kenneth I ascended to the throne of the Kingdom Alba in Scone, marking Scotland's emergence as an independent realm. However, it was only through union with England that Scotland averted looming financial crisis.

Queen Anne, a member of the Stuart dynasty, was the final monarch of Scotland and, since 1707, the inaugural queen of Great Britain.

Spanning 864 years, the saga of the Scottish royal houses surpasses even the most captivating fiction. Our Rattray’s 'Monarch' series serves as an unparalleled companion for your immersive journey through historical epochs.

  • Mouthpiece: Multicoloured acrylic
  • Application: Metal
  • Series: Monarch
  • Drilling: 9mm
  • Material: Briar
  • Surface: Black
  • Length: 150mm
  • Shape: Bent Rhodesian
  • Bowl Height: 55mm
  • Chamber Diameter: 20mm
  • Weight: 60-69g

Rattray's Pipes

In 1911 the skilled tobacco blender Charles Rattray made his dream come true and took over a tobacco shop in the Perth, the old Scottish capital. Soon the shop became the destination for all pipe smokers from the surrounding area. Even to this day Rattray of Perth is known for its expertly blended tobacco. Its pipes are often regarded as some of the best on the market. Below is a selection of some of Rattray's finest pieces.

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