Regius Corona

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Regius Corona

The Regius Corona is a pleasant, smooth and most importantly light Cigar. Perfect for the beginner cigar smoker and experienced smokers looking for a quick and pleasant smoke. Smoothness is priority in this Cigar, the main theme being a woody nature not unlike freshly cut ceder and a light nicotine buzz.

Length : 5" 1/8

Ring Gauge : 42

Strength : Medium


Regius cigars are made in the honor of Gaius Petronius Arbiter (AD27) A Roman citizen who became famous for his dedication to over indulgence. A life of pleasure hedonistic almost to the extreme, however rather than like all the other hedonists he was to become the first port of call for Emperor Nero on all things involving quality. Named the Arbiter Elegantiae (the decider of quality) especially when it came to Potions and Alchemy. The Regius cigar brand has consistently produced cigars of exceptional quality that from start to finish give their all. Full in body and light in nicotine. A better cigar is hard to come by.

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