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Robert Lewis

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Robert Lewis 123 Mixture

Robert Lewis 123 Mixture is a rare breed in the world of pipe tobacco because of its use of unusual tobaccos such as Cigar leaf and Oriental/Turkish tobacco which creates a homage to both the cigar world and the oriental tradition in European tobaccos. With a taste that would remind any smoker of a fine Havana Cigars and fine pipe tobacco. Mellowed down by the use of Virginian and Cavendish tobacco this blend is best smoked by experienced smokers.

Robert Lewis

Robert Lewis was founded in 1787 by Welshman Christopher Lewis and proceeded to supply fine pipe tobacco to the masses of Great Britain. His company however faltered in the first few years of its operation and was rescued from bankruptcy by Christopher's cousin Robert Lewis who turned the company from the edge and turned it in to a institution of pipe tobacco.
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