Royal Brackla 1999

Gordon & Macphail

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Royal Brackla 1999 70cl

Royal Brackla 1999 was independently bottled by Gordon & Macphail based in Elgin. This expression was matured in Refill American Hogshead offering flavours of vanilla combined with tropical fruit aromas. Pineapple, mango and banana notes are also present accompanied by delicate pepper with apple and milk chocolate touch.


Royal Brackla Distillery Profile

Royal Brackla distillery was built in 1812 by Captain Willian Fraser of Brackla. After operating under the name 'Brackla' for more than twenty years the distillery earned the right to carry the 'Royal' prefix in 1835 when they became suppliers to the court of King William IV. Obviously, the king didn't consume enough whisky, because he died of pneumonia two years later in 1837, leaving the throne of Great Britain to queen Victoria. In 1898 the Brackla Distillery Company was officially established and in 1943 in mid-wart time it came into the hands of Scottish Malt Distillers Ltd. In 1965, during the rising tide of whisky sales the distillery was renovated and five years later the stills were double form two to four. Royal Brackla may be a fairly 'low profile' distillery, but it is linked to one of the biggest 'inventions' in the whisky world: blended whisky. An Edinburgh merchant by the name of Andrew Usher joined the company in the 1860's and just started blending.

Gordon and Macphail independent bottlers

Founded in Elgin in 1895 as a 'family grocers, tea, wine and spirits merchants'. Today the company is still family managed and has a legendary status among independent bottlers. It could even be said that Gordon and Macphail started the independent bottlings trade in the mid 1960s. When they released casks of single malt whisky from various distilleries, many of those distilleries didn't even have an official single malt release. Gordon and Macphail has its very own whisky distillery: Benromach in Forres, Morayshire.

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