Smith's Glenlivet 2001

Gordon & Macphail

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Smith's Glenlivet 2001 70cl

Smith's Glenlivet is an independently bottled whisky from Gordon MacPhail. In this case, the Smith's Glenlivet 2001 is a 15-year-old release. The Glenlivet has a Classic grassy palate with chocolate and caramel, as a result, this is a perfect way tot try Glenlivet as is was always intended to be. A lingering Plum and malt finish make this a refreshing and accessible whisky.


"The Glenlivet" is a term that has become synonymous with Speyside Whisky. While others, from Speyside, may call themselves Glenlivet, only The Glenlivet is authentic. The first distillery to become renowned from what was to become known as Speyside. Founded by JG, Smith and due to the changes in the Excise Act of 1823 the distillery to become licensed. Viewed as a hostile act by other distillers in the area, as a result, of this Smith carried two flintlock pistols with him at all times. Glenlivet is to this day is the most recognisable whisky on Earth.
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