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The Spice Tree

The Spice Tree Blended Malt was originally created with the use of a new type of oak cask to create a rich spicier flavour by exposing the whisky to more surface area of oak. This process was a new innovative way of creating and combining casks which would later be deemed as a breach of the definition of scotch as legislation changed. This did not stop the Compass Box from finding a new way of creating this delicious blend. They would then use French barrel heads and American oak barrel bodies. The Spice Tree is made for whiskies sourced from the Northern Highlands which spend the first maturation either in first fill or refill American oak. The second maturation where before oak staves would be inserted into the barrels, now toasted french oak heads are put on the barrels. These heads are made from oak that has 3 different levels of toasting. This second maturation can last as long as 2 years. On the nose sweet, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla. On the palate it is full, round and sweet with vanilla, ginger, nutmeg and spices. The finish is long and sweet spiced.

The Compass Box Whisky Co

The Compass Box company was founded by John Glaser in 2000 with the premise that there were to many blenders in the Scotch whisky industry creating and offering the same products and quality. So he decided to create his own blending house which first had its start in his kitchen now has an office and blending room in London and has its own stocks of aging whisky. John Glaser's blends are create from the ideas of creativity, innovation and exploring new ways that scotch can be enjoyed. With this ideas John has been able to create so of the best blends to come out on the market in resent years with whisky of great quality and taste.
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