Tomatin Cu Bocan Standard Release


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Cu Bocan Standard Release 70cl

The Tomatin Cu Bocan Standard Release single malt whisky is created from a selection of Virgin Oak, Bourbon and Sherry casks.The name comes from the legendary spectral dog the Cu Bocan which when the distillers first saw it they ran away. But eventually could try and touch the dog but it then dispersed in a cloud of smoke. It is a Non-chill filtered batch release of Tomatin's peated edition first created in 2013. On the nose it is full of coconut cream combining with parsley and coriander with rich almonds. On the palate honey, smoke, rich spices and sweet chilies. For the finish it is light with sweet smokiness. 15ppm


Tomatin Distillery

In 1897 the Tomatin Spey Distillery Co ltd. was founded although it is believed to have been distillery in the area since the 16th century. In 1906 the company went bankrupt and closed, it would be reopened on 1909 under new ownership. 1986 the liquidation of the ownership meant that it would be taken over by the Japanese company Takara Shuzo and would be renamed Tomatin Distillery. The distillery would operate with two stills until it started to increase its still numbers to boost production starting in 1958 with the addition of two more stills and by the 1970's they would be able to produce 12.5 million liters a year. During this Tomatin was often called the largest producing distillery of the period, but it was not to last. Since the mid 1980's some of their stills had been dismantled and they had only been producing 5 million liters a year, by 2007 they were only making 2.5 million. From Tomatin's production of whisky 8% of it goes to then blending market (Antiquary and Talisman), the rest goes to its single malts and recently expanded core range.
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