Vasco Da Gama Rum flavoured cigar

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Vasco Da Gama

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Vasco Da Gama Rum

The Vasco Da Gama Rum is a cigar flavoured with 7 year old aged Imperial rum to create a smooth and tasty tobacco. The rum creates a sweet and slightly spirity smoke, offering the sensation of a cigar and rum with out the need for the actual rum. This cigar is rolled to a Corona size with Cuban and Dominican Republic filler with a binder from Java and a shade wrapper from Ecuador.


Vasco Da Gama

In 1851 Arnold Andre set up a factory in Bunde Germany as a subsidiary of the Andre brothers tobacco company founded in 1817 in Osnabruck. Today they are Germany's biggest cigar producer.Steady growth meant the company prospered, with a change in machine legislation in 1933 the company took advantage to mechanise production and this along with the launch of the Handelsgold brand catapulted the company into being one Germany's biggest employers.Launching Clubmaster in 1974 they reversed a declining trend in cigar sales and kept them as the market leader. Following a series of takeovers Swedish Match today holds a 40% stake in the company and has allowed them to pursue international expansion of their brands. Always a tobacco company to watch and producer of fine tobacco for over 150 years they really know what they are doing in a world with increasing controls on tobacco sales.
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