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Woodrow's Warehouse Blend Batch 1

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Woodrow's Warehouse Blend Batch 1

A meticulously curated amalgamation of handpicked Single Malts renowned for their distinctive distillery attributes, expertly blended in limited quantities according to our proprietary recipes, yielding a sophisticated and harmonious Blended Malt Scotch Whisky. Their commitment to excellence ensures that each batch remains unadulterated by chill filtration, retains its natural hue, and is bottled at an optimal 50% alcohol by volume.

The recipe:

  • 40% - 8 years old Glen Ord Distillery Refill Hogshead 
  • 30% - 5 years old Whitlaw distilled at Highland Park Distillery Refill Hogshead 
  • 20% - 6 years old tea-spooned Campbeltown Blended Malt 1st fill Bourbon Barrel
  • 10% - 3 years old Glen Elgin Distillery Refill Hogshead