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The top 5 cigars you have to try

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We often get asked what our favourite cigar is and of course it’s almost impossible to choose just one! However, we thought we’d put together a little list to guide you on some of our top recommendations.

We believe that there’s a cigar for every occasion but we’ve tried to incorporate a range of different cigars across the spectrum for you to try.


This medium blend cigar is hand rolled in Nicaragua and combines the finest Cuban seed and Indonesian tobacco. This is a slightly smoother smoke than most Cuban cigars but a fuller blend than Dominican cigars.

It has an easy draw but is slightly spicy with a peppery aroma.  If you’re looking for value for money, the Charatan Robusto is the way to go.


If you’re looking for a vibrant taste and aroma in a cigar then you can’t get much better than the Regius Petit Robusto. With the latin for ‘regius’ meaning ‘king’ this Nicaraguan beauty lives up to its name and is a truly regal smoking experience.

With slight sweetness and coffee overtones, this medium-bodied cigar is high in quality for an overall taste sensation. This is definitely a cigar you have to try.


Here we have the epitome of smoothness and, unlike the other Nicaraguan cigars on our list, this cigar delivers a full body taste. There are rich coffee and chocolate tones present and a well-balanced spice is present throughout.

Although a little more expensive than other new world cigars on offer, the quality of tobacco and overall flavour is clear from the first draw to the last.


A classic Cuban cigar with a medium body and hints of cinnamon and cedar. This is the most popular hand rolled cigar from Cuba and it’s easy to see why. The spicy, earthy flavours really shine through and this Habano is strong without being overwhelming.


Of course, we couldn’t do a cigar blog without mentioning the world-famous Romeo y Julieta brand and the Short Churchill is one of the most popular robustos available. Light in strength but with medium flavour, this beauty has base notes of cedar and earth that is perfectly rounded off with a light spice in the finish.

If you’re looking for some of the best cigars on offer then pop into Jeffrey Street Whisky and Tobacco at 12-14 Jeffery Street, Edinburgh. Or alternatively visit our online store here.


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    Thanks for sharing these best cigars in the world. Many people will surely try this. Gonna try these cigars soon and gonna recommend these to family and friends. Glad to read this informative post.

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