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Whisky Tasting Menu

The Whisky Regions £25

This whisky tasting is a great way to explore 5 different styles of Scotch whisky from the 5  whisky producing regions of Scotland. This selection of single malts portrays the varied range of flavours produced at different places in Scotland.

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Whisky Regions Deluxe £42

Scotch Whisky is produced all over Scotland and can be broken down into six distinctive regions. This tasting offers a journey through five most renowned Whisky Producing Regions showcasing older expressions from some of the most popular distilleries.

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What's Scotch? £26

What exactly is Scotch whisky? Is a question that we get asked all the time. Well, in this tasting we cover the definition of Scotch whisky and you get to sample the five different types of Scotch whisky (Single Malt, Single Grain, Blended Malt, Blended Grain, and Blended Scotch.).

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The Independents £28

The Independents Whisky Tasting offers 5 whiskies from a range of various different independent bottlers. The whiskies included in this tasting could come from a favourite, classic distillery or an unusual find from a little known distillery. Independently bottled whiskies offer a chance to try rare and very limited whiskies. Some releases comprise less than 800 bottles and in some cases less than 100 bottles. 

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Islay, Peat and Smoke £28

For a long time, some people claimed that only Islay could produce peaty, smokey and balanced whiskies. These days, many distilleries from around Scotland produce their own peaty whiskies. Do you think you can distinguish between peaty whiskies from Islay and the mainland? Join us, sample five whiskies and find out. 

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Straight from the Cask £29

Some connoisseurs claim that one doesn't really taste the complexity of a whisky unless it is sampled undiluted. In this session, five cask strength whiskies are sampled blindly. Pipettes and water are also provided so you can add as little or as much water as you want. Some of the whiskies in this tasting are very rare and limited.

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Whisky Through the Ages £40

This tasting includes five different whiskies from different regions, bottlers and distilleries in Scotland. You will sample very young and very old whiskies and discover how the ageing process influences the flavour of whisky. The whiskies can be as young as 3 years old and the oldest whisky for the month of August is 30 years old! You will also sample New Make Spirit from the still to your glass pretty much.

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Old and Rare £49

'The older the whisky, the better it is', we hear people say this regularly at whisky events and bars. Well, we decided to offer four old and rare whiskies at an incredible price for people to find out for themselves. With ages ranging from 18 years and beyond.

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Whisky and Chocolate £18

Whisky and chocolate are a match made in heaven. So we have selected the finest pairings of whisky and chocolate. Sample three different whiskies and three single plantation chocolates. 

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Distillery releases VS Independent bottlers £20

Have you ever wondered what a Independent whisky would be like when compared to its more well known sisters? Then look no further, We have paired two standard releases with releases from independent bottlers.

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Lost in Time - Not in Spirit £99

With new distilleries being announced up and down the country it’s easy to forget that times weren’t always so easy and that at several key points in this century some of Scotland’s biggest distilleries were forced to close their doors. This tasting is a liquid history offering the opportunity to try whiskies from some of Scotland's legendary distilleries

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