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Whisky Tasting Menu

Whisky Tasting Menu

What is Scotch? 

Have you ever wondered what makes Scotch whisky so special? Find out in this tasting that covers the five types of Scotch whisky and its definitions. From the rich and complex Single Malt to the smooth and versatile Blended Scotch, you will discover the unique character of each type. 

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The Whisky Regions £28

Immerse yourself in the world of Scotch whisky with this tasting that showcases 5 different styles from Scotland's unique regions. From the smooth and delicate Lowlands to the smoky and peaty Islay, experience the range of flavours that make Scotch whisky so distinctive.

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Whisky Regions Deluxe £48

Take a journey through Scotland's most renowned whisky-producing regions with this deluxe tasting. Sample older expressions from popular distilleries in the Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside, Islay, Campbeltown, and Islands, and discover how each region influence the flavour of the whisky.

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The Independents £30

For whisky lovers who crave something rare and unique, The Independents tasting is a must-try. Sample 5 whiskies from independent bottlers, which could include a favourite classic or a rare find from a little-known distillery. These bottlings are often limited in quantity, with some releases comprising less than 800 bottles, making this a truly special experience.

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The Independents DELUXE £59

Indulge in the extraordinary with an exclusive and highly sought-after whisky tasting experience. If you're seeking something something truly rare, and exquisitely aged, look no further. This is your opportunity to savour the premium lines, delight in the quirkiness of limited releases, and relish the sophistication of older age statements carefully curated by 5 of Scotland's renowned independent bottlers. Prepar to be captivated by the extraordinary. 


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Islay, Peat and Smoke £35

Get ready to explore the bold and smoky world of Islay whisky in this tasting that challenges your palate to distinguish between peaty whiskies from Islay and the mainland. Sample 5 whiskies and discover how the unique peat and smoke flavours are balanced and nuanced in each expression.

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Straight from the Cask £35

For a tasting that truly showcases the complexity of whisky, try the Straight from the Cask tasting. Sample 5 cask-strength whiskies blindly and add water to taste, experiencing the full range of flavours and aromas that are often lost when whisky is diluted. Some of the whiskies in this tasting are incredibly rare and limited, making it a truly unique experience.

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Whisky Around the World £29

Travel the world through whisky with this tasting that takes you on a journey to India, New Zealand, The US, and a few European countries. Sample 5 single malts and experience the unique flavours and styles that are being produced around the globe.

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Whisky Through the Ages £45

Discover the fascinating world of whisky ageing in this tasting that includes 5 whiskies from different regions, bottlers, and distilleries, ranging from very young to very old. You'll experience how the flavours and aromas develop over time, and even sample New Make Spirit, the raw, unaged whisky straight from the still.

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Old and Rare £99

Experience the pinnacle of whisky craftsmanship with this tasting that showcases 5 old and rare whiskies, aged 18 years and beyond. These exceptional expressions are a testament to the time-honoured traditions and expertise that goes into crafting the finest whiskies in the world.

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