Whisky Tasting Experience

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Product image 1Whisky Tasting, Experience Whisky in Edinburgh
Product image 2Whisky Regions Deluxe. The regions tasting with some of the best WHisky Scotland has to offer.
Product image 3Lost in Time not in Spirit. Try whisky form Demolished, Closed or lost Distilleries.
Product image 4Edinburgh Whisky Afternoons, A great first look at Scotch.
Product image 5Whisky Through the Ages. New Make Spirit to very old whisky, which is best?
Product image 6Official Releases Vs Independent Releases, Who releases the best Scotch the Distillery or the Bottler.
Product image 7Straight from the Cask. Try whisky as it was really intended, unsullied with water..
Product image 8Whisky and Chocolate. Try two naughty treats together for the ultimate decadent Tasting.
Product image 9The Regions, Learn about Scotland's Whisky Regions
Product image 10Islay, Peat and Smoke. What is Peat and why is Islay always associated with it?
Product image 11The Independents, Learn about Scotland's Independent Bottlers
Product image 12What is Scotch, Learn the differences between Scotches.
Product image 13Old and Rare, Try some of Scotland's Rarest Scotch Whiskies.

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Whisky Tasting Experience

Our whisky tasting experiences are fun and informative. They are presented in small groups and run every day at the specified times regardless of the number of attendees. 

For tasting descriptions check out our menu Here

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