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Muestra De Saka Cigars (Dumbarton Cigar Trust)

Muestra De Saka Cigars (Dumbarton Cigar Trust)

The inception of Muestra de Saka came from the mind of Steve Saka, a renowned cigar blender and the founder of Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust. His aspiration was to create a cigar that truly embodied the essence of a premium cigar-making process. The result was a remarkable line of cigars, carefully crafted with distinctive and untested blends.

Each Muestra de Saka cigar is meticulously handmade in limited quantities at the esteemed Joya de Nicaragua factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. To preserve their pristine condition and guarantee freshness, every cigar is thoughtfully placed in a protective cedar coffin before being boxed.

Due to their exclusive production and limited availability, Muestra de Saka cigars have become highly coveted within the industry. Aficionados and connoisseurs alike eagerly seek these exceptional cigars, which stand as a testament to the artistry and vision behind premium cigar creation.

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