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Meerapfel Cigars

Meerapfel Cigars

Meerapfel Cigars

Once upon a time, in the heart of Belgium, the renowned Meerapfel tobacco family discovered the exquisite art of Maestranza cigars. Handcrafted with precision in Honduras, these long-fillers were a blend of the finest Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos, wrapped lovingly in leaves sourced from Costa Rica. The master blenders, passionate about their craft, chose Nicaraguan tobacco for the wrapper, a decision that would define the unique flavor of these cigars - creamy and harmonious, like a symphony of taste.

Originally, these exceptional cigars were exclusively crafted for Mahesh P. Ranmani, the Managing Director of the esteemed Rasa Trading Company in Tallinn, Estonia. Mahesh was not only an aficionado of cigars but also a distinguished member of the prestigious Tallinn Cigar Club, known to be associated with the legendary CSWC organized by Marko Bilic.

However, as word of the Maestranza's allure spread far and wide, the Meerapfel family decided to share their passion with the world. Slowly but surely, the cigars found their way into the hands of connoisseurs across the globe, yet they remained elusive and rare, making them all the more desirable.

Yet, the true essence of the name "Maestranza" was shrouded in mystery. In Spanish, it had several meanings - workshop, shipyard, and armory - all of which conveyed a sense of craftsmanship and dedication. But the Meerapfels yearned for a more profound association. They wished for "Maestranza" to evoke a romanticized image of the skilled artisans, those who meticulously assembled not just dishes but also these magnificent cigars, imbuing them with the passion and dedication of their craft.

In the end, the Meerapfel family's dream came true, and Maestranza became a symbol of artistry and devotion. So, as you hold one of these exclusive cigars in your hands, remember that it is not just a smoke to be savored but a tribute to the countless hands that poured their hearts into its creation.

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