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Find your perfect single malt whisky for May

Find your perfect single malt whisky for May

The beauty of single malt whisky is that even though it’s made from some of the simplest ingredients, the flavours are so varied that there is one for (almost) everyone. Here are 10 single malts that, if you get the chance, are a must try in May. Loch-Lomond-mk3u5o3xuitnhffv46blccossnjgkil5d1joz4w9c0 Loch Lomond Original 70cl £27.00  This may be the cheapest of our suggestions but that is by no means a reflection on the quality of this product. From the Loch Lomond distillery, this whisky displays gentle peat notes, sweetness, coffee notes and an undertone of spice. This whisky offers great value for money. Stronachie-10-70cl-mkqdvre7k1nw1sq0ml2l19ccibkloa9icyrrnp0d34 Stronachie 10-year-old 70cl £32.20 This 10-year-old single malt by independent bottlers A D Rattray is named after the legendary and (sadly) lost Highland distillery, Stronachie. This whisky is creamy, buttery and fruity on the palate with citrus notes coming through giving it an edgy flavour.   Glenlivet-12-mfw6dww1puac75tzblilji4ik24ma1qnc6a30656ps Glenlivet 12-year-old 70cl £37.00 Distilled in Speyside, this single malt is a popular choice all round. It has a soft and gentle flavour that will suit a more delicate palate. The fruity notes and floral aromas that can be tasted with every sip make this whisky perfect for a spring evening. Hazel-Burn-10-mfw6dww1puac75tzblilji4ik24ma1qnc6a30656ps Hazelburn 10-year-old 70cl £37.5 This triple-distilled single malt from Springbank Distillery is made with unpeated barley giving it a light and delicate taste. This unique Campbeltown dram is oozing with fruity aromas. The perfect choice for a lover of light and smooth whiskies. Edradour-101-migfido50vjv9xl269lyiu3v3rt4h8i41jdvk4ndc0 Edradour 10-year-old 70cl £38.3 The rich and thick palate of this beautifully aged single malt has helped put a tiny distillery in Pitlochry on the map. With sweet notes similar to that found in rum, spice and dried fruits, after just one sip you will be transported to the Caribbean. Dalwhinnie-15-mfw6euq8jvknt4gtu05619l3xxhtz5gzgtrka4r0hs Dalwhinnie 15-year-old 70cl £45.00 This Highland single malt has been gently maturing at a high altitude to ensure the crispest of flavours. The use of wooden worm tubes to cool its spirit along with many years’ experience gives this whisky an authentic feel. Your palate will be treated to the clean and delicate flavours of one of the classic malts with this gorgeous single malt whisky. Tomintoul-16-mfw6e863zups2hdlhqe4dfa1ool0uezfdq3wrhogn4 Tomintoul 16-year-old 70cl £46.70 A superb Speyside single malt whisky with a fresh and delicate flavour. This whisky is distilled at one of Scotland's highest distilleries. This causes a slower maturation that imparts a smooth and balanced palate. Glencadam-15-1-mmdqeqbrgygjl3fq805pwj8xtxh1sad4uq1bawf0ao Glencadam 15-year-old 70cl £63.95 This single malt is stripped back bare and is fantastic. It has not been chill-filtered and it definitely does not contain any added colouring allowing a unique grassy and malty palate finished off with a sweet overtone that is loved by connoisseurs and whisky enthusiasts. Glen-Grant-1992-Carn-Mor-CoTC-1-mm5284wl89o4ks4fq25lkjz9if2t5tx6cubrdbzry8 Glen Grant 23-year-old 70cl £99.50 Maybe not a whisky for every day sipping but one that is worth a toast on special occasions. This single malt is limited and once it’s gone, well, it’s gone, with only 235 bottles ever produced. This whisky was bottled at natural cask with no artificial colouring involved nor chill filtration employed. Ardbeg-1974-ml7vx4qglur012rlcqddbp0aihzey9qe3brwen4668 Ardbeg 1974 23-year-old Connoisseur’s Choice 70cl £720.00 Great single malts go up in value and this is a great single malt whisky. It may have a rather steep price tag but that is due to the rarity of this fine product. It’s so rare that, even if you could afford to buy more, the purchase is limited to only one bottle per customer. It originates from the Islay distillery which these days is owned by the luxury good brand Louis Vuitton hence the exclusivity. If you are lucky enough to get the chance of a taste, make every sip count. Jeffrey Street in Edinburgh is home to a sensational variety of whisky and spirits, cigars and pipe tobacco. Come along today for tastings and tales or buy online.
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