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Ardmore 12 year old Fib Whisky Copper & Oak Series

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Ardmore 12 year old Fib Whisky

This superb Ardmore 12 Year Old offers a touch of smoky aroma, with hints of toasted oak, vanilla, and honey. On the palate, it is smooth and rich, with flavors of smoked meat, peat, and citrus fruits, with a slightly sweet finish that lingers on the tongue.

Series 1: Copper & OakCask Type: Bourbon BarrelFilled: 08.12.2009Bottled: 05.09.2022Aged 12 YearsBottled at Cask Strength 61.2%

Ardmore distillery profile...

This distillery was founded in 1898. It contributes most of its production to the Teacher's blend. This distillery preserved the very traditional method of coal firing its stills until 2002. Its floor maltings were decommissioned in the 1970s. These days the distillery has its own cooperage and gets its heavily peated barley from nearby floor maltings. The production capacity could reach over 4 million liters however the distillery produces some 3 million liters of alcohol. The current owner is Fortune Brands and the un-peated version of the whisky is called Ardlair.

Fib Whisky 

Proud Fifeans, the founders of this independent bottling company picked a name that would evoke tradition and local roots. The name Fib was chosen after one of the sons of mythological Pictish king Cruithne who gave the kingdom of Fife to his son Fib. 

Fib whisky emphasises transparency and bottles its whiskies at natural cask strength without adding artificial colouring nor using chill-filtration.