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Ardnamurchan Cask Strength 09.23 - 58.1%ABV

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Ardnamurchan Cask Strength Release 09.23 - 58.1%ABV

Experience the unparalleled allure of the 2023 Cask Strength release from Ardnamurchan, a masterful fusion of 87% peated spirit and 13% unpeated elixir, meticulously aged in a harmonious blend of 90% bourbon barrel and 10% sherry casks.

Embark on a sensory journey as coastal peat smoke gracefully yields to the enchanting dance of vanilla and zesty, luminous citrus notes. The palate unveils a symphony of flavors, where maritime peat intertwines with the richness of ripe orchard fruit, embraced by the warmth of oak and caressed by a subtle, yet invigorating black pepper spice. Elevate your tasting experience with the extraordinary craftsmanship of Ardnamurchan's 2023 Cask Strength—a testament to the artistry of the distillery.

Ardnamurchan Distillery

Owned by legendary independent bottler Adelphi this distillery has been producing spirit since 2014. The company decided to release the first official bottling until the spirit was ready. 

Ardnamurchan Distillery was not just a place where whisky was made; it was an ode to tradition and craftsmanship. The distillery was constructed using locally sourced stones, and its design was inspired by the ancient ruins that dotted the Highland landscape.

As the first drops of whisky trickled from the copper stills, a sense of pride and satisfaction filled Alan's heart. He knew that his whisky would not just be a product; it would be a story in a bottle, a tale of Ardnamurchan's spirit and soul.

Word of the distillery's unique approach spread like wildfire. Whisky enthusiasts and curious travelers from all corners of the world embarked on a pilgrimage to Ardnamurchan to witness this modern-day alchemy firsthand.