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Aultmore 15 year old Murray McDavid Benchmark Range

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Aultmore 15 year old Murray McDavid Benchmark Range

This unique dram embodies the harmonious fusion of world-renowned Italian Amarone wine and Spanish Sherry casks. The delightful interplay between the spirit and oak captivates the senses, offering a sophisticated bouquet and a rich, complex palate. A true tribute to innovation and craftsmanship.

  • Bottled: 2024
  • Cask Type: Bourbon Hogshead
  • Finish: 1st fill PX / OL Sherry + Amarone
  • Casks No:  900315 / 2010298 / 2020298 / 2020302

Aultmore Distillery

Aultmore distillery is located in Keith, Banffshire. It was built in 1896 by the same person who built the Craigellachie distillery.The distillery quickly adopted a modern (at the time) approach to whisky production by using a steam engine. Its production capacity was doubled in 1898.

The distillery wen through a few changes of ownership (something all too common in the 19th century) as well as periods of closure. During the First World War the distillery closed down due to barley shortages.  In1923 it became part of the John Dewar's portfolio. Production continued without major incidents.

In the 1950's the distillery started using draff as cattle feed. Its maltings closed down for good in 1968 and two years later it went through a major refurbishment.

Aultmore single malt is praised as a blending component and as such, much of its production ends up in blends. Its first ever single malt was released in 2004.

The character of the distillery derives from its usage of a short fermentation period (56 hours) and slow distillation lasting several hours. This allows some heavy particles to come across. Its fragrant note and rich palate is often compared to Linkwood single malt.