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Berry Bros & Rudd Classic Islay Single Malt

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Berry Bros & Rudd Classic Islay Single Malt

The Classic Islay Single Malt is powerful and robust, while also offering pleasing complexity. It presents a range of aromas, including waves of peat smoke and subtle notes of zesty green apple and honey. On the palate, there is a presence of gentle icing sugar sweetness along with flavors of grilled lime and sweet pear drop. The finish is marked by a long and lingering peat smoke. In summary, this exceptional whisky showcases why Islay, known for its distinctive smoky whiskies, enjoys a cult following worldwide.

Berry Bros & Rudd

Berry Bros. & Rudd is a renowned British wine and spirits merchant, with a rich history that dates back over 300 years. Founded in 1698 by a widow named Bourne, the company began as a modest storefront in London's St. James's neighborhood, selling a range of goods, including tea, coffee, spices, and wines. Over time, the company's focus shifted towards wine and spirits, and it established itself as a reputable and trusted purveyor of fine beverages.

Throughout its long history, Berry Bros. & Rudd has played a significant role in the world of wine and spirits, earning a reputation for excellence, quality, and expertise. The company has been family-owned for generations and is currently owned and managed by the Berry and Rudd families, who have continued to uphold the company's traditions and values.

One of Berry Bros. & Rudd's most notable contributions to the world of spirits is its expertise in selecting and bottling exceptional whiskies. The company has a long-standing reputation as an independent bottler, hand-picking casks of whisky from various distilleries and bottling them under its own label. This has led to the release of many sought-after and limited-edition whiskies, which are highly prized by collectors and enthusiasts.