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Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 34 Year Old Ferg & Harris

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Blended Malt Scotch Whisky 34 year old Ferg & Harris 

Combining two distinct single malts within a single bottle results in a harmonious amalgamation of aromas and an intensified flavor profile. This exceptional creation is defined by its prolonged maturation in a sherry cask, imparting distinctive characteristics. It emanates delicate nuances of vanilla fudge, orchard-fresh apples, and luscious honeycomb, with a subtle undertone reminiscent of a Jaffa Cake. Subtle notes of ambrosial nectar, velvety buttercream, indulgent milk chocolate, and zesty marmalade further contribute to the complexity of this remarkable blend. A leisurely and satisfying finish culminates with a lingering, creamy aftertaste.

  • Age 34 Years
  • Size 70cl
  • ABV 46.2%
  • Distilled Date 6.7.1988
  • Appearance Deep Gold
  • Country Scotland
  • Outturn 310 Bottles