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Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PMC:01 2013

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Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PMC:01 2013

Port Charlotte PMC:01 tells a tale of its origins. In the sixth instalment of their Cask Exploration series, the 2013 vintage bears a profound imprint from the opulent, fruit-infused oak barrels sourced from Pomerol winemaking, imbuing this single malt with enhanced depth and complexity.

Terroir is imperative to the flavor of their single malt, and the next whisky in their Port Charlotte cask exploration series, PMC:01, has spent the second half of its maturation journey in Pomerol casks from Bordeaux's Right Bank. This region, known for its exceptional red wines and boasting a close-knit community, holds a distinct sense of place that directly influences the product.

Balancing peat smoke with subtle floral and fruit notes, this PMC:01 2013 vintage has been conceived, distilled, matured and bottled only on Islay.

Bruichladdich Distillery

This distillery was built in 1881 by the owners of grain whisky distilleries in Glasgow. This distillery (and the two grain distilleries) were used to supply the market with blended whisky. When the distillery was built, it differentiated itself from other Islay distilleries for its modern design and tall stills which produced a lighter spirit.

The distillery was badly affected by a fire in 1934 and, after it refurbished, it went through many changes of ownership. In 2001 a group of investors acquired it and promptly appointed legendary distiller Jim McEwan as head of distillation.

Under that ownership, the distillery was revitalised and acquired cult status among whisky enthusiasts. Remy Cointreau, the current owners, took over it in 2012.

The spirit produced at the distillery has a distinctive freshness and acidity. This characteristic shines even the most heavily peated expression from the distillery: Octomore.

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