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Drew Estate Tabak Especial Colada Oscuro

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Drew Estate Tabak Especial Colada Oscuro 

Drew Estate, famous for its best-selling flavor infused cigars such as ACID, Natural, and Kahlua, has launched Tabak Especial Coffee infused cigars. Fair Trade Nicaraguan coffee beans are used to add mocha flavors to the premium tobaccos. The Tabak Especial Negra line uses a chocolate brown US Broadleaf wrapper.

  • Size: 4"
  • Ring Gauge: 38
  • Strength: Mild
  • Country: Nicaragua 
  • Wrapper: Connecticut Shade
  • Filler: Nicaragua 
  • Binder: Nicaragua

Drew Estate cigars

Drew Estate was at first set up to fail, with little to know money or backing Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel started a 16 square foot retail Kiosk in the World Trade Center in New York city. Not to take anything cautiously in 1998 Jonathan Drew took a leap of face and moved to Esteli in Nicaragua. Here he had hopes of reinvigorating the cigar world. With a handful of rollers and distinct lack of Capital. In NY Marvin was hard at work begging for finance from every source open to him; Parents, cousins, friends even shady people. Over time there began a trickle of new cigar blends from Esteli made there way to the Kiosk in NY and when these strange unknown cigars began appearing in the hands of influential business man and celebrities the brand jumped in popularity. Today the roll some of The finest non Cuban cigars made and posses the grandest Cigar factory in Central America.