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Edradour 10 year old Straight From The Cask - 50CL

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Edradour 10 year old Straight From The Cask - 50CL

This 2013 Edradour single malt from the distillery's Straight From The Cask range presents aromas of dried fruits, toasted chestnuts, oaky spice, and sweet sherry. On the palate, you'll find notes of ripe plums and dark chocolate, complemented by cinnamon, clove spice, and rich dried fruit that linger in the finish. A decade of maturation in a single sherry butt has crafted a rich character, balancing fruit and spice.

Distilled: SEP2013

Edradour Distillery

Edradour distillery is located in Pitlochry. It was built on its current site in 1837 as a small farm distillery. The location has access to water, back roads and it is relatively hidden. Some people speculate that at least one of its founders was involved in illegal distillation prior to being granted a distilling license. The distillery remained more or less a family enterprise until 1933 when it was sold to whisky blenders William Witheley.

This company built a great business relationship in the US during the prohibition their 'King's Ransom' blend became a hit. Their appointed distributor was none other than legendary mobster Frank Costello. An associate of Costello's (Irving Haim) became the owner of Edradour distillery in 1938. Costello and his company focused entirely on the distribution of King's Ransom blended whisky. Haim remained the owner of the distillery until his passing in 1976.

The distillery was poorly maintained after Haim's death, it was acquired by Campbell Distillers (subsidiary of Pernod Ricard) in 1982. Under its new ownership the distillery released a single malt for the first time ever in 1986. When Pernod Ricard decided that the spirit produced by this tiny distillery was a surplus, it sold it to its current owners: independent bottlers Signatory Vintage. Edradour was Scotland's smallest distillery until 2005 when Kilchoman distillery opened up in Islay.

This distillery produces some 18 barrels each week and its flavour profile is influenced heavily by its tiny pot stills.