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Glen Elgin 12 year old Tri Carragh

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Glen Elgin 12 year old Tri Carragh

Distilled in 2011 & finished in a 1st Fill Tawny Port Barrique for 15 months. A nose initially of dark chocolate covered raisins, orange citrus notes and dark treacle changes with water into tropical fruit notes along with floral aromas such as heather, lavender and orange. The taste follows a similar path with the addition of cinnamon spice neat then the juicer fruit notes bursting through.

  • Region: Speyside
  • Age: 12 Years
  • Distil Date: 06.07.11
  • Strength: 55.5%
  • Cask Type: 1st Fill Port Barrique
  • Outturn: One of 292 bottles

Glen Elgin Distillery

When architect Charles Doig built Glen Elgin in 1898 he predicted that it would be last distillery built in the area for at least 50 years. He was proven right Tormore, built in 1958, was the first distillery to be built in the area after Glen Elgin. The distillery started production in 1900 but closed down soon after. When the distillery was sold in 1901 it went for £4000, making a net loss of £9000. It wasn't only the Pattison crisis that hindered the success of Glen Elgin, other factors like water shortages and a refused railway siding also contributed to its difficulties.

After many changes of ownership and periods of closure, it became part of Distillers Company Limited (DLC) in the early 1930's. Glen Elgin was quickly licensed to White Horse Distillers Ltd who used it for their legendary blend. Electricity reached the distillery in 1950 and parafin was finally phased out. 

The style of the spirit produced here is shaped by the usage of a long fermentation period (90 hours), worm tubs to cool the spirit and plain-shaped pot stills.