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Glen Garioch 14 year old Tri Carragh

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Glen Garioch 14 year old Tri Carragh

Glen Garioch 14 Year Old Tri Carragh, is a remarkable single malt whisky that captures the essence of the renowned Glen Garioch distillery. With 14 years of maturation, this expression offers a harmonious balance of flavors and an enticing complexity that is sure to captivate whisky enthusiasts.

Bottled by Tri Carragh, the name pays homage to the three ancient stone formations found on the grounds of the distillery, reflecting the rich history and natural beauty of the surrounding area. Each sip of this whisky reveals a tapestry of flavors, from honeyed sweetness to warm spices, accompanied by a velvety texture that coats the palate.

  • Bottling Date: 19FEB09
  • Cask Type: 1st Fill bourbon
  • No of Bottles: 246

Stravaig Spirits Co.

A varied group of whisky professionals with expertise in a variety of disciplines within the whisky industry. The team at this Edinburgh based company takes its time  to source and select premium casks of Scotch whisky from around the country. Only exceptional casks are selected and bottled.