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Glen Moray 18 year old

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Gley Moray 18 year old

Overflowing with spice, oaky intensity, and caramelized fruit, this single malt whisky stands as the pride and joy of the Heritage Collection. Aged entirely in American oak casks over a span of 18 years, it boasts a rare intensity, making it the ultimate reflection of the traditional Speyside craft embraced by its creators. Utilizing first-fill casks previously untouched by single malt, the spirit is enriched with the wood's fullest spectrum of flavors, including vanilla, oak, and toffee. At 47.2% alcohol by volume, this whisky remains non-chill filtered, preserving its authentic character and depth.

Glen Moray Distillery

Established in 1828 as West Brewery, Glen Moray distillery's location near the river Lossie provided power and water. Despite seasonal flooding, it produces a highly regarded single malt cherished by blenders.

Transformed into a distillery in 1897, Glen Moray faced closure in 1910 due to various factors, including a fire at Aberlour distillery and low whisky demand post-Pattison crisis. Acquired by Glenmorangie in 1923, production capacity doubled in 1958 with the installation of a Saladin box.

Under Glenmorangie ownership, Glen Moray faced criticism for selling at low prices, potentially impacting its brand. In 2008, La Martiniquaise acquired the distillery, leading to increased production capacity.

With a medium-long fermentation period, clear wort, and a microclimate influenced by the nearby river Lossie, Glen Moray produces a delicate spirit primarily aged in first-fill bourbon barrels.