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Glencadam 12 year old Blind Summint Whisky

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Glencadam 12 year old Blind Summint Whisky

Immerse yourself in a sensory symphony that exudes rich and enticing butterscotch vibes, creating an ambiance that captivates the senses. This delightful experience unfolds with an abundance of orchard fruit notes, teasing your palate with the juiciness of ripe apples, pears, and perhaps a hint of stone fruits, like peaches or plums. The playful inclusion of foam bananas adds a whimsical touch, infusing the atmosphere with a nostalgic sweetness that harkens back to childhood treats.

About Blind Summit Whisky

Blind Summit Whisky represents a labor of love—a passionate endeavor that has been in the making for quite some time. This emerging independent bottler is rooted in the heart of Edinburgh, meticulously curating, designing, and bottling each of its limited-edition whiskies in the vibrant neighborhood of Leith.

Every unique release collaborates with a distinct local artist, who crafts an original piece of art for the label. The debut release proudly showcases the talent of Leith-based artist Emma de la Pena. The featured artwork captures the iconic silhouette of Arthur’s Seat, with a captivating cutout revealing the panoramic skyline of the Pentland Hills as seen from the summit of this majestic peak.