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Glencairn Cut Crystal Presentation Set - 4 Glasses

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Glencairn Cut Crystal Presentation Set - 4 Glasses

Their mouth-blown and hand-cut Glencairn Glass represents the ultimate rendition of the classic Glencairn Glass. The broad crystal bowl enables one to fully appreciate the whisky's color, while the narrowing mouth of the glass captures and concentrates the aroma on the nose.

These cut crystal glass sets are elegantly presented in a luxurious black gift box, making them an ideal choice for those looking to gift a whisky enthusiast.

Glencairn Glass company

The Glencairn Glass is a leading  manufacturer of glass and crystal. For over three decades, this family run business based in Scotland has gained an international reputation for fine crystal and glassware. The business has been built on a commitment to personal service and quality workmanship.